JADD HALLAJ  -  جاد حَــلاَّج

Architect & Cartographer   -      مِعمار و مُخطَّط



Architect & Cartographer 

جاد حَــلاَّج

مِعمار و مُخطَّط

Co creator of the “Living Waterscapes”
summer school


With Elena Falomo
        Emilie Froelich →
        Bolwerk  →
        Hangar K →
During the second week of September, 25 selected participants will ideate and prototype 5 interventions that will reflect on a specific water-related territorial challenge, each one held in collaboration with a social impact enterprise.

The summer school will be hosted by Bolwerk, in collaboration with Hangar K and the network of Kortrijk’s universities.

Speaker at UNESCO’s Creative Cities landscape subnetwork meeting hosted by Geelong

Hosted by:
          Geelong Design City  →
          Martin Paten
          Ellie Schneider
          Asta Ivanauskiene
This virtual event gathers members and their communities from the 40 design cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for a compelling 3-day program featuring leading design experts from Australia, Europe, Asia, United States, South America and the Middle East. 

Cardboard Tacheometre
This tool allows you to travel with an easily assembled tacheometre that allows you to survey urban areas with a precision of 1 mm. It is made out of cardboard so as to not raise alarm in at risk neighborhoods that would question the use of sophisticated looking paraphernalia.  

Oud Craft Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship with Albert Mansour, master Oud maker (Beirut). Mastery of the manufacturing procedure and wood crafting.

Fly bird Fly
Exhibition, publication and workshops series on Origami design and folding, with Dar Onboz publishing house at the Beirut Art Center. 

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