JADD HALLAJ  -  جاد حَــلاَّج

Architect & Cartographer   -      مِعمار و مُخطَّط



Architect & Cartographer 

جاد حَــلاَّج

مِعمار و مُخطَّط

Co authors: 
        Elena Falomo
        Emilie Froelich→  
With Contributions by:
        Lucas Devolder  →
         Martin Gheysen →
        Sophie Leemans 
         Jan Pieter de Graaf →
        Simon Vershelde  →
Published by: 
        Designregio Kortrijk  →
Graphic design: 
        Souraya Momtaz 
Published by Designregio Kortrijk, this book recounts the work of the Eiland collective in documenting, archiving and engaging citizens in the preservation of moated Farmsteads in Southwest Flanders, or as we have come to refer to them, the Eilands.

It was selected to take part in New Generations’ reading room installation at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. 

Municipal Medal 
Comparative historical study between the castles of Raymond IV of Toulouse and of Tripoli (Lebanon). Commissioned by the Mayor of Salvêtat Saint-Gilles. 
Publications and conferences for the European Open Heritage day. 

Digital Asset Management of t he practice of architecture
As part of my habilitation to practice architecture in my own name, I tried to imagine how to integrate a global and scalable digital strategy to the management of an architectural agency (and therefore to the design of projects) via a set of interconnected digital tools.

Are digital tools a tool to achieve quality in architectural projects?
Architecture, Writing


Yangon Watermegacity.
The old suburb in the North West of Yangon, Lower Kemendine is located between two polarities: the grid of Yangon, and the city of Kemendine.

We started from water as a development catalyst by proposing an urban development of the territory based on its watersheds.

‘‘Camille Duraffourd and the establishment of the cadastre in the Levant during the French mandate(1920-1946) ‘’
In 1920, a 25-year-old French army engineer officer, Camille Duraffourd, was sent to Syria to carry out the task of creating a new cadastre for the countries under the French mandate in the Levant, Lebanon and Syria.
What role did Camille Duraffourd's cadastre play in the organization of the modern and independent states of Lebanon and Syria?

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