JADD HALLAJ  -  جاد حَــلاَّج

Architect & Cartographer   -      مِعمار و مُخطَّط



Architect & Cartographer 

جاد حَــلاَّج

مِعمار و مُخطَّط

Co-founder of Kortrijk’s Territorial Lab
12-08-21 To 12-09-21

With Elena Falomo  
        Emilie Froelich → 
The Territorial Lab is a month-long experiment in a vacant space in the city centre of Kortrijk.

Through collaborations with local stakeholders and citizens, it explores different practices that reflect complex and multilayered visions on the region.

Co creator of the “Living Waterscapes”
summer school


With Elena Falomo
        Emilie Froelich →
        Bolwerk  →
        Hangar K →
During the second week of September, 25 selected participants will ideate and prototype 5 interventions that will reflect on a specific water-related territorial challenge, each one held in collaboration with a social impact enterprise.

The summer school will be hosted by Bolwerk, in collaboration with Hangar K and the network of Kortrijk’s universities.

Designer in residence
15–10–20 To 15-02-21

With Elena Falomo
        Emilie Froelich →
Research and development of various projects for a ‘’UNESCO Cultural Landscapes‘’ application for the moated homesteads (or Eilands) through community engagement. 

The moated homesteads of Southwest Flanders are vernacular settlements that are surrounded by water, hidden within the urban sprawl of the city. 

Condition of return of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Cartographic visualisation of data collected from piece assets in Syria, prepared and presented for a conference on August 14th 2019 on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: “Challenges for Return and Realities Back Home”, hosted by The Common Space Initiative for Shared Knowledge.

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